Terms and Conditions

Creating Your Mailbox & Collecting Mail
1) Subject to the nature of your business The Gate have the right to refuse administration of your mailbox.
2) All required paperwork must be submitted and payment received (including registration fee) before your mailbox can become active.
3) A full address, including your business name is required for received mail. The Gate reserves the right to open any mail with an incorrect or incomplete address.
4) The use of our Mailbox service allows you to register one company per mailbox. Any additional company names will have to be set up using a separate mailbox.
5) The Gate will email you once post has arrived. It is your responsibility to notify The Gate if any of your contact details change.
6) If you want someone else to collect your mail on your behalf, you must authorise this with The Gate in advance with the relevant person’s name and photo ID and they must quote your mailbox number on arrival. You and they may be asked to provide some ID when collecting mail unless recognised by staff.
7) Packages must be collected within 7 calendar days of arrival; letters or large letters can be collected at any point within the duration of your contract. If packages aren’t collected within 7 calendar days (unless you confirm with The Gate an alternative collection date). The Gate reserves the right to dispose of them securely.
8) The Gate is usually open from 8am – 9pm Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm Fridays and most weekends. The centre is often open later on Fridays and Saturdays but this depends on the Arts programme. In any hesitation, please ring The Gate box office to check opening times.
9) In the event of neccessary operational closure of the building, e.g. between Christmas and New Year, Cardiff Mailbox will notify you a month in advance.


Payment for your Mailbox & Closure on Non-Payment Process
10) Failure to pay appropriately each month will result in your mailbox being put ‘On Hold’ (your account will be frozen until payment is received). You will be unable to collect any mail that comes in without restarting payments. You will be informed by The Gate, via email, that your account has been placed ‘On Hold’.
11) Any mailbox that is ‘On Hold’ for longer than 3 months, without any alternative arrangements being made,  will result in the mailbox automatically being closed and any mail will be disposed of securely.
12) If you chose the optional extra of registering The Gate as your Registered Office with Companies House, we give you the right to mark our address rather than your own personal address. The Gate also assumes the legal responsibility to ensure you receive all post from Companies House. You are not permitted to use The Gate’s address with Companies House without having already registered this option with us. We reserve the right to terminate your Mailbox agreement and dispose of all post received if you are found to do so.
13) All standing orders are required to be transferred on the 1st of every month, using the information and references provided. If the agreement starts before or after the 1st, The Gate will require a part month payment when you register. Please see the application form for more details.


Notice, Cancellation & Data
14) There is a one month notice period required to terminate a mailbox agreement. You must inform us of your intention to do so and then cancel your standing order for the following month. However, any mail received during a month where no payment has been made, will require that month’s payment prior to be collected.
15) It is your responsibility to notify The Gate of any changes in address, telephone number and email address as soon as possible as well as any changes to people authorised to pick up mail.
16) Any data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act requirements and in supplying it you consent to The Gate processing the data for the purpose for which it is supplied. All personal information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used by The Gate or disclosed to others for a purpose permitted by law.

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